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Water Damage? Remediate and Renew

From emergency water removal to total remediation, we've got you covered. Serving Clearwater, Mold Doctor Pro transforms your water-damaged home into a safe haven once again.

Trusted Remediation Experts in Clearwater

Rapid Response
Acclaimed for our swift emergency water remediation.
Praised for Precision
Acknowledged for using top-tier tools and methods in the restoration process.
Customized Solutions
Consistently lauded for our tailored damage repair plans that fit every homeowner's unique needs.
Commitment to Excellence
Endorsed by customers for our full spectrum service, from drying to damage assessment.
Ready for All Your Remediation Needs

Water Damage Waits for No One

Flooding? Unexpected leaks? Whenever disaster strikes, we’re on standby to rescue your home with our comprehensive water remediation services.

Unmasking Flooding's Silent Threats in Clearwater

The Hidden Battles After Water Damage

Structural Concerns: Water can compromise your home's foundation, leaving you on shaky ground.
Mold & Mildew: Unseen, they grow, turning spaces into health hazards.
Emotional Stress: Feeling unsettled and unsafe in what should be your sanctuary.
Remediation Uncertainties: Unsure of the next steps? What's lurking behind those walls?

With Mold Doctor Pro on your side, we're not just addressing the visible damage. We’re renewing peace of mind.

From Flooded to Fixed: Our Commitment to Clearwater Homes

When water damage strikes, the clock starts ticking. Every moment can make a difference, and our comprehensive approach ensures that your home is treated with urgency, precision, and care:

Immediate Water Removal
Flooding happens. Fast action saves memories and minimizes damage.
Thorough Water Mitigation
Ensuring your home dries to industry standards, combating mold and air quality issues.
Water Damage Remediation
After extracting the water, we dive deep into assessing the damage, offering a tailored plan to restore your home, affordably.
Quick Response
Day or night, Mold Doctor Pro is on standby, ready to renew peace in your life and home.
Our Promise: With every drop we remove, we're not just fixing walls and floors.
We're mending the heart of your home.

Florida's All-In-One Water Damage Solution

Every Florida home deserves to stand tall and healthy. When water-related calamities strike, the recovery path can be daunting. But with Mold Doctor Pro, you get an all-inclusive suite of services tailored to bring your home back to pristine condition, swiftly and surely. Here's what our comprehensive care looks like for homeowners in the Sunshine State:

Water Damage Assessment: When water invades your property, the clock starts ticking. We respond swiftly and accurately, from urgent water extraction and odor neutralization to comprehensive assessment.
Water Mitigation: Our top-to-bottom drying process adheres to industry standards, safeguarding against mold threats and ensuring pristine air quality.
Water Removal: Immediate extraction post-flooding, ensuring minimal damage and salvaging precious belongings. Your peace of mind is paramount.
Water Damage Remediation: After the initial phase, our experts carefully assess the damage, crafting a customized restoration strategy that's effective and budget-friendly.

Our promise to every Florida homeowner: No matter the scale of the damage, Mold Doctor Pro is committed to restoring not just your walls and floors, but the heart and soul of your home. When you're facing distress, we're always ready with a rapid response - every day of the year.

Dive into our specialized remediation services.

Your Solution to Water Damage Awaits

Encountered water damage? It's not just about repair; it's about reclaiming your space and peace of mind. Discover how Mold Doctor Pro's holistic approach is tailored to address the unique challenges Floridian homes face.

Endorsed Wholeheartedly by Our Satisfied Clients

Our enduring client relationships bear testimony to the unparalleled quality and dedication we bring to each project. Dive into authentic stories shared by homeowners and businesses, illustrating our unwavering commitment to mold-free and safe environments.

Cory was professional, had excellent communication, and was on time. We weren't going through insurance and he walked us through the best way to approach our issue and get the answers needed. He was quick and very through. I'd highly recommend him for any testing needs.

Shawn Kent

Home Owner

Corey and his team are AMAZING! I’d give them more than 5 stars if I could. They came out same day and saved me a huge bill. I’d recommend them to anyone in need of quick, reliable, and honest service. Thank you from a new home owner!

Austin O'lenic

Home Owner

Corey was such an awesome guy, I’m super happy that I called him. him and his son were Very professional, and very to the point. they were very kind, outgoing, and very respectful. I will highly recommend this company to anyone 👌🏻✅

Anthony Bowers

Home Owner

Very professional and courteous. Explained the process they were doing and kept us posted on their progress. Went the extra mile when they found out the job was more intensive. We had a very positive experience with Cory and his team.

John Bambach

Home Owner

I moved into an older home and found what appeared to be mold. Corey came out to do an inspection and testing. He was incredibly kind, professional, and knowledgeable. Once the tests came back, he was able to give us  guidance on our next steps based on what would be best for us. I am very pleased with the services Mold Doctor Pro provided and would highly recommend them. Thank you!

Cassidy Poe

Home Owner

Corey was wonderful to work with- he was professional and very friendly. He explained clearly how the process works and was honest about his suggestions. He took the time after we got the results to explain what it all means! Highly recommend and definitely will work with again if we ever have issues in the future! Thanks again!

Diana Kollen

Home Owner

Corey was very friendly and professional! He knew what he was doing and helped me make some decisions about how to move forward with testing and mold removal. We called him Friday and he came out the very next day to test for us! We are very pleased and would recommend his services to anyone!!

Overwhelmed Christian Mommy

Home Owner

I had Corey come out and do a mole inspection on my apartment and what I got in response to his testing was phenomenal and I was really appreciative of the inspection in detail to work that he did I was very happy and he helped me assist me to find a mole company that would assist me with my problems.

Nea Frykman

Home Owner

Why Choose Mold Doctor Pro?

Beyond Typical Restoration: Our Promise to You

Full Spectrum Service
From emergency water removal to the final cleanup, we handle every step with precision.
Tailored Approach
Recognizing each situation's uniqueness, we craft customized restoration plans fitting your specific needs.
Swift Response
Our team is on standby, ensuring timely interventions in emergencies.
Certified Expertise
Our assessors are not just experienced but are also Normi Certified, staying up-to-date with the mold industry's latest best practices.
Advanced Tools and Processes
We employ only the highest quality tools and strictly adhere to industry guidelines, guaranteeing results that last.
Affordable Excellence
Delivering unparalleled service doesn't mean astronomical costs. Experience top-tier remediation without the hefty price tag.

Your Questions, Answered

What services does Mold Doctor Pro offer?

We provide a complete suite of water restoration services, from emergency water removal, deodorizing, to comprehensive restoration and cleanup.

What if my home faces damage due to flooding or rain?

Should your home suffer from flooding, rain, or any water-related issue, our team will promptly remove the water, dry your home to industry standards, and then evaluate the extent of the damage.

How customized is your restoration process?

Recognizing that every situation is unique, Mold Doctor Pro crafts a water damage repair and restoration plan tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring optimal results.

How does Mold Doctor Pro's pricing work?

We believe in offering our expert services at affordable prices. After assessing the damage, we provide customers with a quote that reflects our commitment to value and excellence.

Is Mold Doctor Pro available for emergencies?

Absolutely. Mold Doctor Pro is available for any emergency situations, ensuring you're never left dealing with water damage alone.

Seamless Remediation. Professional Care.

Turn the Tide on Water Damage

Don't let water damage define your living space. With Mold Doctor Pro, transform the aftermath of flooding and leaks into a distant memory.